Efficient Truckload Solutions.

Full Truck Load

We are a prominent provider of truckload services in North America, offering a wide range of conventional and specialized options. With our extensive network and a team of seasoned professionals, we deliver timely and tailored solutions to cater to the unique transportation requirements of various industries.

Our affiliated carrier operating companies within Keane's network are dedicated to assisting you in achieving the utmost advantages in terms of pricing, service quality, and supply chain management control.

Keane's Cartage offers a variety of Full Truck Load (FTL) Solutions:

  • Flatbeds

  • Dry Vans

  • Reefer/Temperature Controlled

  • Domestic Canada

  • Domestic United States

  • Cross-border



Carrier Access

Our well-established partnerships open doors to a wider network of carriers, providing customers with enhanced accessibility.

Modern Fleet

Our tractors and trailers are outfitted with cutting-edge technology for precise capacity tracking and measurement.

Improved Supply Chain

Diligently identifies and discerns key areas of opportunity within your supply chain, offering invaluable insights for efficency


If you need to transport large and heavy cargo, look no further than Keane's Cartage Flatbed Division. We offer a wide range of specialized trailers, including flatbeds, stepdecks, double drops, extendables, multi-axles, steerables, lowboys with 40-80 ton capacity, RGN units, Schnabels, beam, perimeter, and blade trailers.

Opting for flatbed shipping comes with numerous advantages. The continuous deck space allows for the transportation of various materials and containers. Cargo can be loaded onto flatbed trucks using cranes, minimizing the need for manual labour. Additionally, flatbed trucks are exceptionally versatile, enabling loading from above, behind, or on the sides. At Keane's Cartage, we are committed to working exclusively with drivers and carriers with a stellar employee retention track record. We select only the safest, most professional, and highly experienced individuals to ensure our services' utmost reliability and security.

Our dedicated Flatbed Division is always ready to assist and provide the optimal transportation solution. Our team collaborates closely with you to determine your specific transport requirements and oversees each shipment meticulously from dispatch to delivery.

Why you might need this service:

  • Requires crane-loading and heavy equipment.

  • Oversized (larger than 53” dry van, 53“x 8‘6” x 8‘6“).


Regarding efficient and cost-effective delivery services, rail transportation is an excellent option, especially if time sensitivity is not a primary concern. In most cases, this approach can lead to a remarkable 70% reduction in transportation expenses. This solution becomes ideal when the flexible delivery timeframe allows for significant cost savings. Moreover, shipping by rail is remarkably eco-friendly, and four times more fuel-efficient than traditional over-the-road truck delivery.

Keane's Cartage offers comprehensive multimodal service solutions, providing cost-effective alternatives tailored to your transit schedule requirements. Our intermodal cargo shipping services encompass seamless transfers between train and truck, accommodating both Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truck Load (LTL) shipments. Keane's Cartage specializes in Intermodal Railway Delivery services, facilitating full truckload FTL and LTL shipments between Canada and the USA. We fully understand the meticulous handling demands associated with intermodal freight shipping and are committed to ensuring the professional handling of your cargo.

Our dedicated Intermodal Railway Division is always eager to assist and deliver the best transportation solution to meet your unique needs. Our team collaborates closely with you to ascertain your specific intermodal transport requirements and diligently manages each shipment from dispatch to delivery.

Why you might need this service:

  • There is no time urgency concerning transit duration.

  • It requires secure containment, complete enclosure, and protection from external factors.

  • If you aim to lower the expenses associated with delivery.

  • Spans a round trip distance of 500 miles, encompassing major metropolitan regions.